Ultrasyon Görüntüler


This manuel gives all the trunsducers Acouustic Output Power data and Surface Temperature Data for this Diagnostic Ultrasound System. Please refer to correlative tables in use.

The acoustic output data of trunducers are shown respectively in the following imaging modes. The mode in the parenthesis refers to the imaging mode mentioned in Operator's manuel(Basic Volume)

  • M Node (M)
  • B Free Xros M, Smart3D, Static3D, 4D, iScape
  • B+M Mode (M)
  • PW Mode (D), TVD-mode (phased array)
  • B+PW Mode (Duplex), B+TVD-mode (phased array)
  • Color+B/Power+B Mode (Dual Live TVI + B/TEI)+B (phased array)
  • CM/B + CM Mode, TVM/B+TVM (phased array)
  • CW Mode (D)